About us

Wander & Find was born from a beautiful obsession - an obsession with the goal to create a skincare range for people with sensitive and damaged skin. Products that help repair, replenish and reveal your natural beauty. 

Our range is locally crafted using luxurious organic ingredients without the chemicals - at an affordable price.

We began selling our products markets in Melbourne in 2014 and since then have grown a steady repeat-customer fan base and are now selling online.
In October 2017 Wander & Find begins a new adventure in Hervey Bay Queensland, we will continue to ship Australia wide.

The Wander & Find Origin Story

The obsession with organic and all natural skincare came about because of different events that have happened over the years. These events have taught us that what we put on our skin matters. And this is why we love what we have created and we are excited to share it with you.

With age we noticed our skin was changing -  skin that had always been sensitive had become a lot more so, and was suddenly very dry, flaky and itchy. After trying most products from designer to prescription, across the following years, we discovered fragrances, sulphates and the huge range of chemicals that are added to most products could make sensitive skin worse. So we began to look for natural alternatives.

With motherhood we became more aware of the chemicals in our environment, babies and children have such soft sensitive skin and a lot of todays creams and detergents can be a source of irritants to our Little Adventurers.

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